Institute for Culture Creativity, Tsinghua University

The development of Tsinghua University's School of Cultural Innovation has gone through 12 years from its inception to its establishment. In May 2004, the Cultural Industry Research Center of Tsinghua University was established, and was later approved as the only national cultural industry research center for cultural industry disciplines. In April 2016, the Cultural and Creative Professional Committee of the Tsinghua Alumni Association was established, bringing together many alumni with strong influence in the fields of music, film and television, design, digital content, copyright trading, cultural tourism, and cultural finance. In September 2016, Tsinghua University's Cultural and Creative Industry Research Fund was established.

Yu Qun, a member of the Party Leadership Group and Assistant Minister of the Ministry of Culture, said that Tsinghua University integrates inter-faculty and interdisciplinary resources to establish a cultural and creative institute, and build a high-level and high-level platform for major theoretical research, talent training and industrial practice in the cultural field. An important move by think tanks.

Tsinghua University's School of Culture and Innovation is based on the "three focus": focus on the goal of building cultural self-confidence and building a cultural power; focus on seizing the historical opportunity period of vigorous development of my country's cultural industry and cultural undertakings; focus on leveraging Tsinghua’s multidisciplinary advantages The "More Humanistic" Tsinghua University in the new century.

Tsinghua University’s School of Culture and Innovation is committed to solving major problems in the field of cultural development in my country, promoting the protection and innovation of cultural heritage in my country, conducting international cultural exchanges and cooperation, exploring new ways to meet the growing diverse cultural needs of the people, and serving the government in Policy-making in the cultural field strives to become a decision-making think tank and talent base in the field of Chinese culture.